Do deals. Sleep well.

Our patent-pending platform makes the
contracting process transparent, simple, and efficient.

What is Transactency?

You generate a contract covering your subject matter by responding to various queries from us. You then invite the other party to review your proposed agreement. The other party gets to see to the direction you chose and the choices you made, and is invited to modify your choices if so desired. The process iterates until completion.

No redlines.No egos.No delays.No stress.


What People are Saying

How Does It Work?


Pick a type of agreement.
Customize your terms.
Invite the other party to review.


Review originator's positions.
Select alternatives where you desire.
Supplement with comments.


Review open issues.
Make counter-offers.
Iterate to completion.


E-sign without leaving platform.
Full audit trail of signatures provided.
Contract stored on dashboard.
Downloadable .pdf provided.

Founder’s Stories

Uncle Joe

Buying a Suit

Contracts Are Partnerships

Why Transactency?

Save Money

Seriously. Do we even have to point this out? Parties repeatedly exchanging redlines back-and-forth, organizing and participating in conference call after conference call… all of this costs a tremendous amount of money.

Imagine 10x monetary savings.

Go ahead… it won’t bite.

Save Time

Those redlines and conference calls? They’re a time-suck. A huge one. And one that you aren’t particularly excited to see on your calendar.

In fact, a study in the Harvard Business Review ranked contract negotiation as the second most wasteful category of time spend among executives.

Your time is important. We’re going to free up more of it. A whole bunch more.

Peace of Mind

We fervently believe transparency in negotiations, when coupled with being educated on the terms of the agreement, leads to successful deals.

No more worrying about what you missed. No more tension over getting taken advantage of. No more confusion as to why you’re negotiating.

Business is stressful enough as it is; we’ll ease your burden.

Ready to give us a try?