How it Works

A quick overview of how you do deals on our revolutionary contracting platform



Once you’ve chosen the type of agreement you need, you will be taken to our contract generator where, based upon your responses to various queries, you will create a contract custom-built to suit your needs.

Embracing our own concept of transparency, you will see your contract building in front of your eyes, real-time, as you choose your provisions—no answering questions in a vacuum and wondering what the output will be. If the agreement you build is something you’ll want to use again, you can save it as a re-usable template to avoid having to go through the build process again and again.  When you’re finished building your agreement, you send an invitation to the other side to review the contract.


The other party to your agreement receives an email advising that you would like her to complete a contract with you on the Transactency platform. Once the other party is on the platform, she is able to review your contract using our innovative contract review methodology.

The other party will be able to see the issues you addressed when building your agreement, the provisions (and positions) you chose to be included in your agreement, and, just as importantly, the provisions (and positions) you did not select. If the other party desires an alternative to a position you took, a simple click allows her to do so, the contract immediately rewrites itself to reflect the proposed alternative, and the issue is marked as open for further negotiation. If desired, the other party can also provide commentary with her work.


Once the other party has completed her review and, perhaps, modification, of the agreement, you are invited back in to the platform. You are able to quickly identify–via our groundbreaking user interface that uses no redlines–the open issues in the agreement as well as the specific modifications proposed by the other party.

You can make counteroffers on positions with the mere click of a mouse button, rather than tedious drafting and redlining–the platform takes care of all of that. Once you have completed any counterproposals, the agreement goes back to the other party, and the process iterates until completion.


Once a party determines that she agrees with everything in the contract (i.e., no open issues remain), she can immediately initiate a secure, electronic signature process built into the platform. Notification is sent that one party has signed the agreement and invites the other party to sign.

Upon completion of signatures, the agreement, containing a full audit trail of the signature process, is available for .pdf download (and, as well, stays within the dashboard of your Transactency account) to each of the parties.

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